XPE products by the world advanced nation called non-polluted products, production process, not causing environmental pollution, XPE Chemical Cross-Linking Polyethylene Foamed Material

(1) the adiabatic - the independent bleb structure, fine can effectively reduce the air convection in exchange for energy, heat pipes, insulation board. And both condensation prevention, make very suitable for refrigerator, air conditioner, refrigerator and wet environment of insulating materials.
(2) sound-absorbing - has sound-absorbing function, suitable for aircraft noise and railway vehicles, automobile, motor strong noise equipment and environment of sound-absorbing deadening.
(3) formability, heat-resistant, ductility, density, good thermal vacuum forming and can achieve such deep parts of the shape, and can be used for forming automotive evaporation ark, cars neishi hot-pressing ceiling etc and shoes.
(4) buffer for half a hard foam, strong shock after the break and by the performance, more for precision instrument, semiconductor packaging etc, also can easily formability and used for sports protective equipment and leisure products production field.

In addition, XPE also is non-toxic, tasteless, and drug resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance and bittern and other kinds of chemical properties, and very easy processing, can be arbitrary cutting, and various materials joint, as a new generation of energy-saving, environmental protection material will have broad development prospects.